Ideal Client

Ideal client
At Morell Financial, Inc., we are looking for clients who value advice and want a collaborative relationship to work together on a long-term basis. Our mission is to help clients do the best they can financially so they enjoy life more and worry less. In order to do that, a client and a financial advisor must be a good match on factors such as desired advice and services offered. If we are not confident that we can effectively help you, we will show you the respect of letting you know.

Money is a means to an end, and those “ends” are different for everyone. Therefore, we focus on getting to know all of our clients and what’s important to them, and we develop a financial plan tailored to fit their needs. 

Once the goals are determined and prioritized, we can provide advice, investments, and insurance to help make those goals a reality. By having one advisor look over a client’s whole financial picture and consolidate his or her investments, we make it easier to manage the finances. We see our clients on a regular basis, and as the goals change, we can adjust the strategies accordingly.    

How we get paid
The initial consultation is always free. From there, we are paid by a combination of advice fees, product commissions, and trail compensation.